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Wedding Venues

By February 21, 2020February 25th, 2020Blog

Selecting a wedding venue is probably one of the biggest single decisions you will make as you plan your wedding. I thought I would share some of my favorite venues, and talk a little about why, as a videographer, I always enjoy filming at these venues.

I have been filming weddings in the Tulsa area since 2011, so I have had the opportunity to film at many different venues. The Tulsa area has so many great venues, its difficult to pick just a few to talk about, but I selected 3 that I have filmed at many times and are some of my favorites.

Dream Point Ranch – Bixby, OK

Dream Point Ranch is located on a hilltop south of Bixby. The first time I went to Dream Point Ranch I couldn’t get over the amazing view of the Arkansas River and the surrounding valley. Its crazy that this is just a few miles south of Tulsa and it has such a great view that it feels like you’re in a completely different state. So, needless, to say after that introduction, the view from the outdoor ceremony location is amazing. There is also a beautiful pond on the front side of the venue, that is perfect for some sunset shots.

The indoor space is also impressive, this is easily one of the largest venues in the area and there are also large porches with doors that can be opened during nice weather to provide even more space. The bride’s and groom’s rooms are nice as well, they are tucked away in a private hallway and both rooms have private entrances.

There is plenty of space for a dance floor or anything else you have planned for your reception. This spacious reception layout really makes it easy for us to get tons of great footage during the reception.  Even though this venue has only been open a few years, its quickly becoming one of my favorite places to film.

The Springs Event Venue – Lake Skiatook

The Springs Event Venue in Skiatook is located right on the shore of the beautiful Skiatook Lake. The lake provides a beautiful backdrop for the venue, especially for the outdoor ceremony location.  The outdoor spaces are all beautifully landscaped, there are so many great options for outdoor video and photos, it makes finding a good location easy. There is also a perfect location for a sunset or evening shoot down near the lake. Both the Bride’s and Groom’s rooms are both a good size and well lit, which makes filming preparation footage much more fun for us. The indoor reception hall is open and very spacious, its also large enough to accommodate an indoor ceremony in case the Oklahoma weather doesn’t cooperate. The grand staircase that comes down in to the reception hall makes for a perfect grand entrance into the reception. Overall, this is one of my favorite venues, its beautiful inside and out, and makes great use of one of Oklahoma’s many beautiful lakes.

Vesica Piscis – Catoosa, OK

Vesica Piscis Chapel is a beautiful venue inside and out. One of the things I like about Vesica Piscis is the Bride’s room. It is a nice size, has plenty of light for filming and is right in the middle of the building so its easy for us to come in and out without missing anything. It is also right across from the groom’s room, which is also a nice size and well lit for filming. The Chapel is a nice intimate ceremony space with wooden pews, but still has plenty of room for your guests (and videographers) to be comfortable during the ceremony. The outside of the chapel is beautifully landscaped and offers plenty of options for photos and outdoor couple footage. The reception area is nice and open, has plenty of natural light and can accommodate many different reception configurations easily.