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Live Streaming and Virtual Events

With current events in the world today, many events have had to move online. Although there are many DIY options for hosting these events, professional production can set your event apart and greatly enhance the viewing experience for your audience.

With our Live Streaming service we’ll make it easy to make sure that everyone can see your event as it happens. Our live streaming is done with a professional camera and audio setup, so that your viewers will have the best possible experience.

In addition to live streaming we can also pre-record a virtual event which can then be “premiered” online at a set time. Recorded events give you more flexibility as far as the content of your event by eliminating some of the technical hurdles of live streaming production.

We can stream your event to the platform of your choice such as YouTube or Facebook so anyone you want to invite can watch your event as it happens. Additionally, we can setup a private stream or a ticketed virtual event, if your event requires. We can also make the video available for playback anytime after the event is over.

Live Streaming or virtual event production can be used for many types of events including conferences, meeting, weddings, funerals, recitals, graduations, sporting events or any event where you would like your customers, employees, or friends and family to be able to view the event if they can’t attend in person.

We offer affordable hourly or per event pricing, just contact us at the link below for a quote for your event.

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*Live Streaming requires that an internet connection be available at the venue. 

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