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Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?

By February 28, 2020March 1st, 2020Blog

Do I Really Need a Wedding Video? I’m sure this is a question that many brides ask themselves as they are looking at all the options for their wedding day. While wedding photos are almost always considered a necessity, video can sometimes get pushed down the priority list. After all anyone can take a video on their phone and send it to you so you’ll at least have something, right?

Well, just keep in mind that when your wedding day is over and everything is said and done, all that you’ll have to remember your day is your photos and videos. With a professional wedding video, you’ll be able to revisit your special day any time by just pressing play.

You may be thinking, its easy for me to say all of this, after all, I am a wedding videographer and this is what I do, but if you read through some of our reviews you will see many clients who are so happy they invested in a wedding video.

A wedding video captures all the moments that pictures can’t. You’ll be able to hear the emotion in your voices during the ceremony and laugh again and again at that great speech from the best man at the reception. Many brides have told me after a wedding that the day “was such a blur” and watching the video was a great way to catch all the little moments they may have missed.

While videography is an investment, consider that it is one of the very few wedding investments that will give you a way to remember and look back on your wedding day. At Tulsa Event Video we always make sure to provide a video that captures all the special moments of the day in a way that you can enjoy now and in the future. Learn more about our wedding videography services at