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Video Guestbook Kiosk

By December 30, 2017Blog

One request we sometimes hear from couples is that they would like us to interview some of their guests as part of the video. While we think its a great idea to give guests the opportunity to be part of the video, this leads to some awkward experiences as we walk around putting a large camera and microphone in someone’s face and asking if they want to say anything on the video.  Many times we get would get just a few willing participants and they offer a short greeting and best wishes. We thought there must be a better way to give guests an opportunity to be part of the video, and so the video guestbook idea was born.

Our Video Guestbook Kiosk give guests a way to leave video messages at their leisure throughout the reception. This allows guests to leave comments, dedications, and fun videos for the bride and groom by simply pressing a button to start the recording. Unlike a traditional video or photo booth, the kiosk is an open design so any number of guests can participate in a recording. We have found that guests are much more likely to leave a fun, goofy greeting or a heartfelt congratulations message when they can record at their own time with no intimidating large camera (or camera operator) staring at them.

Below is a video showing a few highlights of what the kiosk captured at a recent wedding:

The wedding video kiosk is available with any of our Tulsa Event Video wedding packages as an add-on, and is included in our Gold package. See our wedding page for full wedding videography information.